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Best Cookware Sets: Favorites from Oprah Winfrey, Ina Garten, & More

Aug 16, 2023Aug 16, 2023

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Take a look at your pots and pans. Are they a bit rusty? Are the handles still holding up? Any stains or smudges that simply won’t go away? Trust us when we say we’ve all been there. And if you’ve been thinking about upgrading and updating your kitchen cookware, take this as the sign that now’s the time for something new. We’ve tracked down some of the very best cookware sets out there at different price ranges, and some of them are from brands loved by Oprah Winfrey and Ina Garten.

Recommended in the shopping section of her official Barefoot Contessa website, Garten is a huge fan of All-Clad’s products. These pieces are sleek, stylish, and super efficient. Then there’s Winfrey’s favorite cookware brand — HexClad. These pieces are a cut above the rest. Not only are they effective for cooking up your latest culinary confection, they’re long-lasting and super durable.

We realize, though, that you don’t always want to break the bank when it comes to cookware. After all, you have a budget to stick to! That’s why brands like Sunhouse, Country Kitchen, and more are perfect for updating your kitchen essentials without going overboard.

It’s time to take your kitchen to the next level. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, or breaking out the best for a holiday or dinner party, you deserve high-quality cookware. Take a look at some of our favorite cookware sets perfect for any budget.

We know you want a cookware set that’s effective and efficient, but it can’t hurt to have a little pop of color, right? Well, that’s where Gibson Palmer’s 8-Piece Cookware Set comes in. This bundle of kitchen essentials features a 4 Qt. dutch oven with a lid, a slotted serving spoon, 8.6″ frying pan, 1 qt. sauce pan with a lid, slotted spatula, and spoon. Available in this gorgeous turquoise color, you’ll have practically everything you need for a night of meal-prepping and entertaining.

If you’re looking to get a first-rate cookware set that won’t break the bank, don’t worry. T-Fal’s 12-Piece Ceramic Recycled Aluminum Cookware Set features a 5 Qt. dutch oven with a lid, 9.5″ frying pan, 8.5″ frying pan, a slotted spoon, 2 qt. saucepan with a lid, 1.5 qt. saucepan with a lid, a whisk, and slotted turner. These pieces are all made of recycled material, so you can feel good about what you’re using in your kitchen. And at just $72, that’s a real deal!

All right, if you’re looking to totally revamp your cookware set, then do we have the selection for you. All-Clad’s Copper Core 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set features a stock pot, saute pan, two sauce pans, two frying pans, and four lids. All of these pieces are oven and dishwasher safe and feature unparalleled quality that will totally elevate your cooking. Each piece in this set is ultra-durable and ultra-responsive. And while we know the price point might be a bit jarring, trust us when we say this set is going to last — the investment is so worth it.

If you love a vintage look to your cookware, don’t worry. We got you covered there, too! Sunhouse’s 12-Piece Cookware Set features a 1 and 2 Qt. saucepan, 4.7 Qt. stockpot, a 6.3’’ frying pan, a 8’’ frying pan or 9.5’’ frying pan, a 10’’ deep pan with a lid, and a 10’’ steamer. With a sleek, retro look and design, you’ll have a cookware set that’s just as effective as it is stylish.


Looking for a cookware set with a personality all its own? Then the Country Kitchen 11-Piece Cookware Set is totally ideal for you. This set comes with an 8 Qt. casserole pot with glass lid, a 4 Qt. casserole pot with glass lid, a steamer, an 11” frying pan, an 8” frying pan, a 11″ deep frying pan with a glass lid, and a 2 Qt. sauce pan with a glass lid. These pieces are beautiful, effective, and super fun to use.


You want to make an investment in kitchen essentials that are guranteed to last. That’s why HexClad’s 6-Piece Cookware Set is the perfect purchase. This set comes complete with three of the brand’s most popular pans. These pans are non-stick, dishwasher safe, and feature a stay-cool handle. You’re going to love how effective these pieces are.

Want even more bang for your buck? HexClad’s 13-Piece Cookware Set features four different pans, two sauce pans, a pot and lids aplenty. These non-stick, dishwasher safe kitchen essentials are perfect for huge family gatherings. So don’t worry about your next big holiday bash. HexClad’s got you covered, and this set is an investment worth making, especially when it’s currently 30 percent off.

We all need some quality pots and pans in our kitchen, and All-Clad is here to provide you with the very best. All-Clad’s 5-Piece Cookware Set features a saute pan, frying pan, sauce pan, and two lids. Use this high-quality stainless steel cookware on gas, electric, or induction ranges or even the oven or broiler. These pieces will completely change the way you cook.

If you have a kitchen with high-quality pots and pans, then you need some first-rate kitchen utensils and tools to go with them. Enter All-Clad’s 6-Piece Assorted Kitchen Tools Set! This assortement of kitchen essentials features a ladle, tongs, a cooking fork, two cooking spoons, and the crock to hold all of these necessities. These stainless steel pieces are durable and super effective; they’ll easily make cooking a breeze. And no matter how many times you use them, you can always just pop them in the dishwasher for a simple cleaning.

Take your food prep and storage to a whole new level with HexClad’s Stainless Steel Mixing and Storage Bowls. This set of three, featuring 1.5 Qt., 3 Qt., and 5 Qt. bowls with a vacuum seal lid, is perfect for all your mixing, prepping, and storing needs. The vacuum seal gurantees air-tight storage, and the stainless steel material can withstand any mixing, blending, or beating. These bowls are durable, efficient and super sleek. What more could you want?